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"I bet you're just trying to psyche me out by saying really random stuff" - Sora

"Gee... I just don't know" - Xigbar

Marissa (or Rissy)
16 August 1989
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I'm pretty much a high schooler who’s into video games, art and making movies. I don't write in my journal much, only when I find something interesting or just to post to let you know I’m alive. I pretty much don’t have any of my friends on live journal and if they are on they don’t use it. So I’m here everyday, for the communities because there great communities. Anyway if you want to know more about me you can always email me, just tell me your from live journal if you do. And if you want to comment on one of my entrees or add me as a friend, go right ahead, I'm cool with that.

oh I'm also canadian I just live in the US.

M is for Misunderstood
A is for Amorous
R is for Romantic
I is for Innocent
S is for Scary
S is for Sensitive
A is for Adaptable

Kingdom Hearts is OMFG OBSESSIVE Love.

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Garnet is Love
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Gilmore Girls is Love.

Being a Leo is love.

Whose Line is it Anyway? is LOVE

Cartman is hate to love love.

my pet!

I always wanted a pet penguin so now I do =)

Allaboutsouthpark! Best Website to watch South Park!
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